Mission and Vision


Making safe medication use common practice.


To become a Center of Excellence for the creation and dissemination of best known evidence in safe medication use practices

Characteristic Values

  • Knowledge of great depth and breadth to be explored, expanded, applied, and preserved for access by all learners, scholars, and practitioners to foster their intellectual and professional growth

  • Research, scholarship, and creative endeavor – grounded in the most advanced methods – that expand the frontiers of knowledge, enhance learning, and address societal challenges

  • Application of knowledge that responds to technical and social challenges, and creates new opportunities that advance society

  • Learner-centered, inspiring, and nurturing educational communities marked by human and intellectual diversity, and the promotion of a dynamic culture of equity and inclusion for all people, in a pervasively supportive climate that fosters excellence of faculty, staff, and students

  • Programs centered on preparing learners from all walks of life to succeed as responsible scholars, leaders, professionals, consumers, citizens, and lifelong learners

  • Partnership in Indiana’s economic, social, and cultural development efforts, and in improving quality of life

  • Contributions to the public good that advance the State of Indiana, the nation, and the global community

  • The highest standards of ethics and integrity, and responsible stewardship of human, physical, financial, and environmental resources

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