Global Landscape of Medication Safety

A preeminent center of knowledge must have a global focus and influence...

A preeminent center of knowledge must have a global focus and influence. 

The CMSA made a strategic decision to advance medication safety efforts globally. This focus began in 2014, matured in 2015 and will most certainly continue to bear fruit in 2016. Indeed, transformational steps have begun to thrust the CMSA into a leadership role at the national and international level. 

In 2015, CMSA continued to demonstrate a purposeful commitment to improving the safety of medication use throughout our global community. Our collaborations with colleagues in Europe and the Middle East continue to provide a framework for building and disseminating medication safety initiatives around the world.

The team at CMSA continues to forge international relationships, using these mutually beneficial partnerships to launch learning and discovery initiatives in the support of CMSA. This has allowed our organization to establish an increasingly international presence, helping demonstrate meaningful improvements in medication safety education and awareness. With visits to Asia and South America added in 2016, the expansion of medication safety research and education is already underway. 

Ultimately, it is vital that we understand the landscape of medication safety internationally; most importantly, however, we look forward to continuing to build meaningful and impactful relationships with champions of medication safety around the globe.

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