Collaborating to Advance Medication Safety

What makes a process safe? ...

What makes a process safe? The number of steps? Built in redundancy? Its simplicity?

CMSA researchers asked these questions as we embarked on a collaborative partnership with BD Rx Inc. to study the process of intravenous push medication administration. Our goal was to identify components of the process that lead to increased or decreased safety. But to do this right, we knew we had to take it out of the lab and into the real world. We understood that practice based observations would yield information that was much more applicable than data obtained in a controlled environment.

With that in mind, our researchers traveled across the country to learn more. We visited practice sites that were dedicated to improving patient safety as evidenced by safety benchmarks such as Joint Commission accreditation and Magnate status and used a validated direct observation tool to collect data about IV push drug administration.

It has been an exciting journey thus far, and we are learning more about this important topic with each step of the way.

CMSA has enjoyed working with BD Rx and looks forward to collaborating with other industry partners to continue to make safe medication use a common practice.

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