Balancing the Books

Upon our founding, Purdue’s Center for Medication Safety Advancement...

Upon our founding, Purdue’s Center for Medication Safety Advancement (CMSA) was tasked with becoming a financially self sustaining engagement arm of the College of Pharmacy. We are proudly entering our fourth full year of financial independence, drawing no funding from the College for any of our work.

Additionally, CMSA continues to return money to the University through significant contributions to the Facilities and Administration fund in recognition of the generous support of countless University officials and administrators who work tirelessly to enable programs such as CMSA to be successful.

In 2015, CMSA had just over $5 million in total revenue brought in through a variety of partners and funding sources. More importantly, we utilized 100% of these funds in pursuit of developing and disseminating safe medication use practices. We take pride in knowing that all funding that flows through CMSA ultimately ends up making a positive impact on patient care.

While the majority of funding comes from our partners who believe in our team and our mission, this segment would be incomplete without continuing to thank the Lilly Endowment for its founding support and ongoing endowment to this organization.

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